Romantic Decorating – Downton Abbey Style

I don’t know about you but I have hopped on the Downton Abbey train full speed ahead; I don’t know what I love more: the gossipy drama or the vintage Edwardian décor and flair? Up until recently, I didn’t know anything about Downton Abbey other than that it was a PBS show, my grandma watched it and it was all the talked at the 2012 Emmy Awards. After much cajoling, my grandmother finally convinced me to sit for one full episode. Mostly curious as to what had created such a stir in Hollywood that my grandmother had in common with, I watched my first episode of DA – the pilot episode of the entire series. Needless to say, I was hooked in an instant. The drama, the gossip, the scandal – it was like watching an old episode of Melrose Place (from my youth). And when I wasn’t captivated by Matthew Crawley’s gorgeous baby blues and dying for him and Mary to get together, I was further enthralled by the gorgeous interiors throughout every room and every castle in the show.

Walls were adorned in floor to ceiling wallpapers of luxurious damasks in rich reds and lustrous greens. Mirrors and frames were all garishly gold with ornate carvings and details throughout. Elegant rococo style mantle clocks with scroll top heads and curvaceous legs atop a Louis XVI style sideboard. Victorian chairs and settees with Queen Anne legs and serpentine backs. The look is timeless, elegant, feminine and oh so romantic.

I am always looking for romantic style décor and small furnishings, ranging from Shabby Chic to the elegant Edwardian style of Downton Abbey.

SetteeNeedleptChair OrnateSyrocoFrame LouisClock FPHeartChair

These are just a few of my items that remind me of the era of DA.

Are you a DA décor fan or more into Shabby Chic? Or like me, do you think there’s room for both décor styles – each one capable of eluding romance and whimsy into your home?

Here are a few other blog articles about bringing DA flair into your decor style or check out this month’s issue of Romantic Homes magazine (my favorite home decor mag) where a feature on tea time in Downton style is featured.

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